Episode Transcript: Ghoul Fools

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Episode Article: Ghoul Fools

[edit] Characters

[edit] Dialogue

(episode begins with SpongeBob and Patrick, both of whom are lying on the grass)

SpongeBob: Aah. Patrick, don't you love staring at clouds and thinking about what they look like?

Patrick: Yeah, it really calms my inner demons.

SpongeBob: (points to a cloud in sky) Wow, look at that cloud. (the cloud, which looks like Sandy, floats by) It looks just like Sandy.

Patrick: I'm not seeing it. Ooh, check out that cloud! (another cloud floats by) It looks just like a... um, um, um, d'oh, it's coming, uh, looks like a... a cloud.

SpongeBob: Hmm. It does. Hey, look at that one. (a cloud that looks like Mr. Krabs trying to catch a money cloud floats by, but it disappears) It looks just like Mr. Krabs, doesn't it?

Patrick: Sure does! Um... who's Mr. Krabs again? Oh, now that cloud looks like a flying houseboat.

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