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SpongePedia Portal

At this place you will receive an overview on existent topics as well as a listing of relevant help sites and milestones in the history of SpongePedia! Enjoy!

Important Tasks

Anything important that SpongePedia needs our contributors or newcomers to do will be here:

  • Extend short pages.
  • Fix up spelling errors in Transcripts, Episode and Character articles.
  • Get more accurate information.
  • Clean up Trivia/Goofs on episode pages.
  • Revert Vandalism.
  • Improve false links on redirects.

Important Links

Your Ideas and Questions | File Gallery | Episode Guide | Kamp Koral Episode Guide | The Patrick Star Show Episode Guide | Episode Rankings | Kamp Koral Episode Rankings | TPSS Episode Rankings | Inhabitants of Bikini Bottom | Places and Residences | Episode Transcripts | Kamp Koral Episode Transcripts | TPSS Episode Transcripts | Video Games | DVDs | VHSs | Episodes on VHS Releases | Books | Songs | Associated Production Music‎ | Internet Phenomena | Episodes Sorted by Premiere | Kamp Koral Episodes Sorted by Premiere | TPSS Episodes Sorted by Premiere | Running Gags | Easter Eggs | Deleted Scenes | Timeline | SpongePedia Staff | All Articles | Bunch of Important Templates | References to SpongeBob in Movies and TV | All Categories | Random Page | Wanted Articles | Create an account | SpongePedia Portal | All Pages | Note for Parents | Help

SpongePedia Topics

For every topic there are potential articles which would certainly help developing SpongePedia into a useful source of information. If one article does not exist yet, you can simply create it. Already existing articles are indexed here. A list of needed articles can be seen here or in the "article suggestion" area on the main page.



Bikini Bottom/Places

Here you will find an elaborate articles on the SpongeBob universe. By clicking on a link you will be transferred to a more detailed article of the respective place or building.

All Areas, Places and Locations


Here you will find a list of all episodes. Click on the name of an episode to receive a more detailed description of the episode (usually along with a trivia section and characters, places, etc. - sometimes with a gallery or quotes).

List of all Season 1 Episodes
List of all Season 2 Episodes
List of all Season 3 Episodes
List of all Season 4 Episodes
List of all Season 5 Episodes
List of all Season 6 Episodes
List of all Season 7 Episodes
List of all Season 8 Episodes
List of all Season 9 Episodes
List of all Season 10 Episodes
List of all Season 11 Episodes
List of all Season 12 Episodes
List of all Season 13 Episodes
List of all Season 14 Episodes


All Transcripts


Video Games


Complete List Of Songs
Short Songs and Chants (content of songs directly on this page)

Useful information for newcomers


SpongePedia is a non-commercial website maintained by voluntary authors who can be ascertained in the history of the respective article.

SpongePedia uses the MediaWiki software. Please note that our MediaWiki software is quite old and rarely updates. We are attempting to upgrade the software for a more user friendly service!


The IP users consider vandalism as their own personal amusement park, though it is actually against what the SpongePedia community does for this wiki. Minor vandalism like swearing, sex, misspelled wording or creating articles about you or your friend will simply get fixed and something like "Reverted edits by [user name here]" will be typed up in the edit summary. Major vandalism like clearing out pages, replacing text with undesired grammar like "wanna make some chowder!", "yo friends", "happy birthday!", etc. can result in a block!


Right Here is the list of all the Milestones SpongePedia has achieved!

  • 9/6/07: English SpongePedia was Made!
  • 5/11/07: 400 Articles Made!
  • 24/11/07: 500 Articles Made!
  • 15/12/07: 600 Articles Made!
  • Unknown Date: 700 Articles Made!
  • Unknown Date: 800 Articles Made!
  • Unknown Date: 900 Articles Made!
  • 6/8/08: 1000 Articles Made!
  • 6/5/09: 1100 Articles Made!
  • 2009: 1200 Articles Made!
  • 30/10/09: 1300 Articles Made!
  • 12/1/10: 1400 Articles Made!
  • 1/4/10: 1500 Articles Made!
  • 10/4/10: 1600 Articles Made!
  • 24/4/10: 1700 Articles Made!
  • 26/6/10: 1800 Articles Made!
  • Unknown Date in 2010: 1900 Articles Made!
  • Unknown Date in 2010 or 2011: 2000 Articles Made!
  • Unknown Date in 2011: 2100 Articles Made!

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