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Bikini Bottom
{{Residences}} Lists all residences of characters
{{Eat/Hotel}} All hotels and eaterys
{{Food/Drink}} All food/drinks
{{Items}} All items from the show
{{Camps}} Lists all camps
{{Banks}} Lists all banks
{{Boats}} Lists all boats
Template:Vehicles {{Vehicles}} Lists all vehicles
Template:Island {{Island}} Lists all islands
Template:Shops {{Shops}} All malls, shops and parks
Template:Books in Bikini Bottom {{Books in Bikini Bottom}} Lists many of books in Bikini Bottom
Template:Diseases {{Diseases}} Diseases in Bikini Bottom
Template:Crew {{Crew}} The crew which makes the episodes
Template:Movie {{Movie}} Lists everything related to the SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
Template:Medieval Bikini Bottom {{Medieval Bikini Bottom}} Lists everything related to medieval
Template:MM&BB {{MM&BB}} All MM and BB related articles
Template:Episode DVDs {{Episode DVDs}} Lists all themed DVDs
Template:Episode Box Sets {{Episode Box Sets}} Lists all DVD boxes
Template:TV Specials {{TV Specials}} Lists all TV Specials
Template:Online Games {{Online Games}} Lists all online games
Template:Books {{Books}} Lists all books
Template:Main characters {{Main characters}} Lists all main characters
Template:Minor characters {{Minor characters}} Overview of important secondary characters
Template:Sponges {{Sponges}} Lists all sponges
Template:Starfish {{Starfish}} Lists all starfishes
Template:Squid {{Squid}} Lists all squids
Template:Villains {{Villains}} Lists all villains
Template:Supernatural Beings {{Supernatural Beings}} All supernatural beings
Template:Mascots {{Mascots}} Lists all mascots
Template:Crustaceans {{Crustaceans}} Lists all Crustaceans
Template:Mammals {{Mammals}} Lists Mammals
Template:Mascots {{Mascots}} Lists all mascots
Template:Stuffed Animals {{Stuffed Animals}} Lists all stuffed animals
Template:Snail {{Snail}} Lists all snails
Template:Worms {{Worms}} Lists all worms
Template:Jellyfish {{Jellyfish}} Lists all jellyfish
Template:Electronic Devices {{Electronic Devices}} All Robots, Computers and Systems
Template:Animal {{Animal}} Lists all animals
Template:Flounders {{Flounders}} Lists all flounders
Template:Bands {{Bands}} Lists all bands
Template:Human {{Human}} All human beings
Seasons and Episodes
Template:Seasons {{Seasons}} Navigation for all seasons
Template:Season1 {{Season1}} Lists all episodes from season 1
Template:Season2 {{Season2}} Lists all episodes from season 2
Template:Season3 {{Season3}} Lists all episodes from season 3
Template:Season4 {{Season4}} Lists all episodes from season 4
Template:Season5 {{Season5}} Lists all episodes from season 5
Template:Season6 {{Season6}} Lists all episodes from season 6
Template:Season7 {{Season7}} Lists all episodes from season 7
Template:Season8 {{Season8}} Lists all episodes from season 8
Template:Season9 {{Season9}} Lists all episodes from season 9
Template:Season10 {{Season10}} Lists all episodes from season 10
Template:Season11 {{Season11}} Lists all episodes from season 11
Template:Specials {{Specials}} Lists every special in the show
Template:EpInfo {{EpInfo}} Shows episode info
Template:Transcript {{Transcript}} Navigation in transcripts
Template:Stub {{Stub}} Stubs
Template:Pagebeingmade {{Pagebeingmade}} Marks pages that are currently worked on
Template:Delete {{delete}} pages proposed for deletion
Template:Cleanup {{Cleanup}} Marks pages that require cleanup or improvement
Template:Block {{Block}} Requests a block
Template:Orphan {{Orphan|date of puting the template|attempt date}} Put on orphaned pages
Template:Infobox {{Infobox|date of puting the template|attempt date}} Write anything
Template:Disambiguation {{Disambiguation}} Put on disambiguation pages

To add a template here, write this* template before this ...

|- bgcolor="#ffffff"

... * this:

{{SPT|Template name|Description}}
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