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Version Date
0.1.0 BETA 09.08.2010


§1: General rules


  1. Insulting other users or visitors is prohibited (that means: do not harm any other people). Counteracting this rule will be punished with a temporarily ban.
  2. Do not spam! Spamming will be rigorously punished with temporarily or infinite bans.
  3. Be polite to other users and try to sustain a friendly atmosphere.
  4. If there is a user who permanently ignores instructions from an Administrator or who obviously is not interested in supporting this Wiki, this user will have to fear a ban.

Uploading images

  1. Every registered user is allowed to upload images as long as they are related to the Wiki or the series.
  2. Keep attention to the size of your images! Do not upload pictures bigger than 50 KB.
  3. Administrators may delete pictures. They should give a short reason for that.
  4. Uploading images/pictures with prohibited or displeasing contents is strictly forbidden (see §1.4.1) and will be punished with infinite ban! Furthermore, Linking to external pages with prohibited or displeasing contents is forbidden too (§1.4.1).


  1. The following actions are regarded as vandalism: causeless depleting or moving of articles, as well as creating articles with forbidden contents (§2.1.1) or contents which are in no way related to the Wiki or the series. The intensity of the punishment is to the Administrator.

Forbidden contents

  1. Pornographic, glorifying violence, racist or in any way obscene or displeasing contents are strictly prohibited and can be punished with an infinite ban!

§2: Articles


  1. Please do only create an article if you are sure that this article has not been created with a different lemma yet and is necessary for the Wiki.


  1. If you want an article deleted, do NOT clear the article. This does not delete it. In fact, set the {{Delete|reason}}-template in the article.
  2. An article will be deleted, if:
  • it has been created in the wrong language
  • it is incomplete or partly broken for a longer time
  • it contents meaningless machine translations
  • it only consists of a web link
  • there is not a structure or sense distinguishable
  • the text seems to be all right but contains that much complexity and confusing parts that there is not a possibility to save any sense.

Recreating articles

  1. Recreating deleted articles must be granted by an Administrator.


  1. Editing the same article very often within short time is not wished, because it spoils the Recent Changes. Please use the "Show preview"-button in order to avoid this problem.
  2. Edit wars can be punished with a ban. Furthermore an Administrator may protect the page regardless of the actual content is your favourite content or not.
  3. Meaningless editing or meaningless expanding of articles is not allowed (see §2.2.3) and can in some cases be punished with a temporarily ban.

Summary box

  1. The summary box is not to be used for discussion or private conversation. It is rather for explaining your edits (if they are not absolutely obvious) or reasoning your actions.

Talk pages

  1. The talk page of an article is not to be used for conversation or discussion about things, which are not related to the belonging article. Additionally, senseless and short comments on the article are not allowed as long as they do not submit a proposal improving the article. If you have any question concerning the article you can of course ask this question on the talk page.
  2. Same rules as in §3.3.1 and §1.4.1. are valid here too.

§3: User

Creating your own account

(An dieser Stelle wollen wir nochmals darauf hinweisen, sich seinen Benutzernamen gut zu überlegen! Man wird damit immer angesprochen.)

  1. Your user name must not contain forbidden contents (§1.4.1) and should not be too long or just contain capitals without any sense. In that case your account will be blocked and you will given chance to create a new account with a fitting name. Furthermore, all user names containing advertisement, brands or names with copyright are not allowed and will be blocked instantly.
  2. Creating a account only to gain extra functions on purpose to spam is not allowed. The account will be blocked infinite
  3. You are not allowed to have multiple accounts. All accounts will be blocked until only one is active. Furthermore the one account left will be blocked temporarily because of that violation of the rules.
  4. You are not allowed to change your username.
  5. SpongePedia is not a replacement for a private/public website or web space.
  6. If the first action of a new user is a strictly forbidden action (vandalism etc.), the account will be blocked infinitely.
  7. If an account is blocked, the user may not continue editing as an IP. If it becomes obvious that a blocked user edits as IP the IP will be blocked instantly.

User page

  1. Users and IPs are not allowed to edit others' user pages! Of course it is allowed to correct a spelling mistake, IF the user granted it before.
  2. IPs are not allowed to have an own page.
  3. Your user page must not be moved.
  4. The user page is a special page for the user and can be created and styled by the user. The user only has to assure that his page does not contain to flashy colours and does not content anything forbidden. Furthermore, it is not allowed to put advertisement, regardless of what kind it may be, on his user page.

Talk page

  1. Your talk page is not a chat. Violating this point again and again will be punished by a temporarily ban.
  2. Your talk page must not be moved.
  3. Same rules as described in §3.2.4 are valid here too.

Sub page

  1. Every user is allowed to create maximum three (3) sub pages (e.g. test pages or an evaluation page...) plus necessary archive pages. Try to minimize the number of your archive pages by not creating archive pages for every new week. An archive page should contain at least 50 discussion parts.
  2. Your sub pages must contain your user name in the lemma! The best way to create a sub page is (e.g.): "User:ABC/Archive 1"
  3. Same rules as described in §3.2.4 are valid here too.


  1. The signature should contain the full username in Latin letters.
  2. Do not change your signature every week. If we see a user changing it often, we will first warn and later block him/her.
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