Episode Transcript: Glove World R.I.P.

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Episode Article: Glove World R.I.P.

[edit] Characters

[edit] Dialogue

(episode begins at SpongeBob's house. SpongeBob is reading a book in his library when a cart from a roller coaster of Glove World full of Glove World costumers come crashing through his library wall, knocking down a whole shelf full of books. It takes SpongeBob a few seconds to notice)

SpongeBob: (slams book shut) Ah, guests. Could I offer you some lemonade? (blinks twice)

Billy: (angrily) Man, that has to the worst amusement park I have ever been to! I mean, we're lucky to escape with our lives.

Harold: (angrily) I agree! The world would be a much better place when Glove World is gone for good! (everybody in the cart applauds)

SpongeBob: Excuse me, did you just mention Glove World?

Billy: Yeah, Glove World. They're gonna close it... tomorrow. Forever!

SpongeBob: Close Glove World? Has the world gone mad?!

Billy: Well, it depends on your definition-

SpongeBob: I'm sorry, I gotta go! (runs off, frantically squealing)

Billy: Hey, what about our lemonade? (SpongeBob is heading to Patrick's house to tell him what he heard)

SpongeBob: (sweating) Patrick!

Patrick: I can't come out now, SpongeBob, I'm taking a shower.

SpongeBob: But, Patrick, it's Glove World. They're gonna-

Patrick: Glove World?

SpongeBob: Patrick, wait! (bubble-wipe to Glove World. SpongeBob and Patrick have already arrived) There it is, Patrick. Glove World.

Patrick: Look at that guy. He must be the owner.

SpongeBob: Uh-huh, come on. (walks up to owner with Patrick) Excuse us, sir. We heard a horrible rumor that you're going to close Glove World forever.

Patrick: Close Glove World? Has the world gone mad?! (cut to behind Patrick's naked body)

Owner: Here son, take this. You don't want to catch a cold. (the owner hands Patrick his glove hat)

Patrick: (struggles and tries his hardest to put that glove on) Feels good.

SpongeBob: Ooh, that looks glovley on you, Patrick.

Patrick: Fits like a glove.

SpongeBob: Glove size fits all.

Patrick: A penny saved is a penny gloved.

SpongeBob: You can lead a glove to glove, but you can't make him glove.

Patrick: She gloves me, she gloves me not.

SpongeBob: All's fair in glove and war.

Patrick: Glove, glove, glove, glove, glove, glove, glove, GLOVE, GLOVE, GLOVE, GLOVE, GLOVE, GLOVE, GLOVE, GLOVE, GLOVE, GLOVE, GLOVE, glove.

Owner: Wow. Enjoy the hat. Now if you folks will excuse me, I have a rickity old amusement park to close down.

SpongeBob: Then the rumors are true. You are gonna close down Glove World.

Owner: Yup.

SpongeBob and Patrick: (they wiggle a little, then scream) Nooooo! (the owner covers his ears)

Owner: I understand your concern but really-

SpongeBob and Patrick: Noooooo...! (camera pulls back on Glove World, revealing that the whole amusement park can hear them)

SpongeBob: Oh, please Mr. Soon-To-Be-Ex-Owner of Glove World, could you see it in your heart, to let us ride all our favorite rides just one last time?

Patrick: For old times' ride's sake?

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