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SpongeBob standing near the stones

SpongeBob Stones, also known as SpongeHenge, first appeared in SpongeHenge, when SpongeBob built eight stone replicas of himself in Jellyfish Fields. They are arranged in a big circle. 3,000 years after construction they still stand, where it was viewed by aliens. Even then, its purpose and origin were never discovered, but it was a yearly gathering place for Jellyfish as the music initiated from the holes attracted them. This is a reference of the actual Stonehenge and Easter Island.

[edit] Use

SpongeBob made the stones so he could get rid of the Jellyfish from listening to the music he makes when the winds go through his holes. He was successful and 3,000 years later the Jellyfish still listen to the music that go through the holes of the stones.

[edit] Trivia/Goofs

  • As the aliens watch SpongeHenge, we watch StoneHenge.
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