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Karate Gear is used by SpongeBob and Sandy in all episodes involving karate (excluding Karate Island). Karate Gear consists of two items: a horizontal helmet (only for SpongeBob) and big gloves. SpongeBob's is red, Sandy's is green, and Patrick's is blue.

The gear is used to protect them when the karate gets too hard.


[edit] Design

[edit] SpongeBob's

SpongeBob's karate gear is red-colored. His gear helmet has a ladybug design on the left-side hole, as seen in I'm with Stupid. His gloves are big. In the Nicktoons Unite! games only his gloves appear.

[edit] Squidward's

Squidward's karate gear is just like SpongeBob's. It has appeared in Squid Defense

[edit] Sandy's

Sandy's karate gear is green-colored (pink in Sandy's Nutmare). She has no helmet, as she has her own air helmet. Just like SpongeBob's gloves, her's are also big.

[edit] Patrick's

Patrick's karate gear is just like SpongeBob's, but colored blue and with a slightly smaller helmet . It was only seen in Karate Star.

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