Wrestling for Beginners Book

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SpongeBob with the Wrestling Book

Wrestling for Beginners is a book, on how to learn wrestling. SpongeBob and Patrick read it in the episode Krusty Krushers. On the cover you can see Jim who appears in the episode. In this book it says that there is Wrestling language in it. SpongeBob reads a bit out of this book, where they are screamed at by Jim's scream, and then knocked into the ground. It is unknown what happens to this book then.

[edit] Quotes

(Wrestler #1 screams so loud that they fall to the ground)
Patrick: What was that?
SpongeBob: (reading Wrestling for Beginners Book) That's Wrestlese for "You're dead meat."
Patrick: I don't get it.

[edit] What it means

UJAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!! = You're dead meat

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