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Aerial view of Mrs. Puff's Boating School

Mrs. Puff's Boating School is a boating school where SpongeBob goes to school. The first time this school was seen was in Boating School. This is the school where Mrs. Poppy Puff teaches her students about boats and how to drive them. The school is located near Downtown Bikini Bottom, as said in Hall Monitor. SpongeBob goes here every once in a while. Mrs. Puff, the teacher, hates SpongeBob.


[edit] Driving Tests

Mrs. Puff teaching her class

The student will show Mrs. Puff based on what they learned how to drive a boat. If they pass, they will get their driver's license. If they flunk, they will have to repeat the test. SpongeBob has flunked 1,970,578 times as said in Mrs. Puff, You're Fired, because he always freaks out. After a student passes, they go to a building to have their picture taken. If they are the 1,000,000th (or any other "million" number like 2,000,000) person to have their photo taken for their license, they get a free, snazzy boat.

[edit] Good Noodle Board

Main article: Good Noodle Board

[edit] The Exam

Before students can take the actual driving test, they must answer the oral half. There are ten questions. SpongeBob has taken the driving test for such a long time that he memorized all of the questions and can say the answers without having Mrs. Puff ask the questions.

  • Question 1: What is the front of the boat? Answer 1: The bow.
  • Question 2: What is the back of the boat? Answer 2: The stern.
  • Question 3: "Right" is? Answer 3: Starboard.
  • Question 4: "Left" is? Answer 4: Port.
  • Question 5: The person in command of a boat or a ship? Answer 5: Skipper.
  • Question 6: The floor level of a ship? Answer 6: Deck.
  • Question 7: What the enclosed room of a ship is? Answer 7: Cabin.
  • Question 8: What a man-powered ship is or what the kitchen of a boat is called? Answer 8: Galley.
  • Question 9: What the hull of a ship is built around? Answer 9: Keel.
  • Question 10: When a certain boat company was founded? Answer 10: 1924. (In real life, Mercedes-Benz came to be in 1924.)

The driving half is the part SpongeBob has trouble with. In order for a student to pass his/her test he/she must get 600 points by traversing the driving course. The steps to do this are listed below. (The first three steps is where SpongeBob had trouble on.)

  1. Start the boat.
  2. Put it in drive.
  3. Push accelerator with big toe.
  4. Avoid crashing into the wall.
  5. Turn right.
  6. Stop at STOP sign.
  7. Look both ways.
  8. Continue driving.
  9. Turn around flagpole.
  10. Drive vertically up road.
  11. Drive vertically.
  12. Jump over anchor.
  13. Fly through a ring of fire.
  14. Help man cross the street.
  15. Help woman cross the road.
  16. Pop wheelie.
  17. Drive upside-down.
  18. Get back on road.
  19. Drive through Finish Line.

[edit] School design

[edit] Outside

The outside has a deck which leads to the hallway. There is a lighthouse next to the main building. The school has many boats parked on campus.

[edit] Classroom

The classroom has a one-way chalkboard and many aligned desks. A giant locker is filled with files, one filled with bad drawings of her. The Good Noodle Board is next to the two doors. The back of the classroom is very much different, as it is dusty and has one desk separated from the rest. It has many carvings and bad students are sent there. There is also a supply closet inside. Mrs. Puff's desk is in front of the class.

[edit] Hallway

The hallway contains many lockers. SpongeBob's contains his lunch, books and several of his extra pants and also an extra pair of shoes, as seen in New Student Starfish. Other rooms (three of them being the classroom, the bathroom and the room which lets Mrs. Puff see through the chalkboard) are seen. There are two staircases, the left one leading to the classroom and the right leading to an unknown room.

[edit] Students

SpongeBob and Patrick laughing while in Boating School
More laughing!

[edit] Teachers

[edit] Rules

  • No bullies/fighting
  • No animals
  • No drinking beverages
  • No eating
  • No fainting
  • No singing
  • No anger at the teacher
  • No classroom disruptions; make 2 and you lose a Good Noodle Star
  • No failing to behave by her exceptions; she expects better from you
  • No drawing bad pictures of her as a big fat meanie. Patrick drew one and she keeps them all in a drawer in her Boating School Learning Shelves, which could mean every student in the classroom who did it before, since this rule was broken numerous times because the shelf was really full of bad drawings of Mrs. Puff.
  • No talking during the class.
  • No burping
  • No sneezing on your classes
  • No cheating, you must pay attention
  • No taking your clothes off
  • If you make too much nonsense 3 times, you get sent to the back of the classroom
  • Never be excused from the class for the rest of your lives
  • If you have bully problems, leave it to her to take the work

[edit] Destruction and abuse

  • Boating School: SpongeBob freaks out during the near-end of his boating test, crashing his boat in the course.
  • No Free Rides: SpongeBob hits a brick wall and destroys some of the school during his boating test. He also hits some of the school's traffic cones.
  • Doing Time: SpongeBob destroys the school in his boating test. The school is later rebuilt later in the episode, but the classroom is a wreck.
  • Mrs. Puff, You're Fired: Sergeant Roderick breaks two of the doors in the classroom and replaces the driving course with a more gruesome track filled with horrible obstacles, such as a pit filled with an acid that burns all of your body parts off except your skeleton. Later in the episode, when SpongeBob takes the final exam, he floors it and destroys a very small part of the course, then drives into a tank of gasoline, causing an ignition that destroys everything else remaining on campus.
  • Dying for Pie: SpongeBob hit the exploding device pie on Squidward's face, and the whole town (including Mrs. Puff's Boating School) blows up.
  • Wormy: SpongeBob and Patrick make everyone go crazy and running for their lives from Wormy even though he didn't do anything to destroy the city. They keep panicking, running around from a tiny insect, and everything is eliminated.
  • Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm: It may be one of the buildings destroyed by the Alaskan Bull Worm at the end of the episode.
  • Once Bitten: It may be one of buildings destroyed in the town mayhem.
  • Boating Buddies: When SpongeBob, Squidward, and Mrs. Puff take the exam, SpongeBob drives through a row of traffic cones and part of the fence. Later, Squidward accidentally tears the boat's wheel out of the dashboard and the boat crashes (and strangely survives) through several buildings before being shrunken and lost in a laboratory.
  • The Krabby Kronicle: Because of a fake story written by SpongeBob for the Krabby Kronicle, Mrs. Puff loses her business and the building interior turns gray and crumpled.

[edit] LEGO Set



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High School: Bikini Bottom High School

College: Community College

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