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Grandma Harriet SquarePants
Gender: Female
Species: Sponge
Color: Orange
Height: Average
Voiced By: Marion Ross

Grandma Harriet SquarePants is SpongeBob's grandmother. She is a nice, friendly old lady. She lives in a nice house at Conch Street. She was married to SpongeBob's Grandfather who SpongeBob mentions every now and then. She is the mother of Harold SquarePants (SpongeBob's father). She first appeared in the episode Grandma's Kisses.

She makes SpongeBob cookies when he comes over, and lets him wear a cookie-eating hat. She makes him a sweater with love in every stitch, and reads him a story about a magical sea leprechaun. She gives SpongeBob a big kiss when he leaves her house, and everyone at the Krusty Krab sees this. They then make fun of it and are very mean to SpongeBob. So the next time SpongeBob and Patrick visit her house, SpongeBob says he wants to be treated like a man, so Grandma decides to treat Patrick like a kid. SpongeBob gets really jealous, so Grandma tells him he does not have to kid to get a grandmother's love.

She cameos in the episode BlackJack, where SpongeBob thinks Cousin BlackJack SquarePants killed her, but really she was just making gingerbread men. Grandma later appears in The Abrasive Side where she asks SpongeBob to help her cross the street, and later orders an abrasive side near the end of the episode. She made another appearance in Pet Sitter Pat, in this episode, it's her birthday.

[edit] Episode Appearances

[edit] Appearance

Grandma's looks include:

  • Fluffy white (dyed lighter purple) hair
  • Big, Horn-rimmed glasses
  • A Green dress
  • Wrinkles all over her face.
  • She is a round sponge like SpongeBob's other family members.

[edit] Gallery

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