Tom's Toolery

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Tom's Toolery

Tom's Toolery is a tool shop that appeared in the episode: Overbooked. Obviously, it sells tools. SpongeBob was sent there by Mr. Krabs to get him tools for his new telescope.

[edit] Interior

It is unknown what the interior looks like, since in the only episode it was shown in so far, Overbooked, Tom's Toolery was closed for Porpoise Day.

[edit] Exterior

The Outside is a huge building. A sign on the front glass door reads, "Dear Valued, Tom's Toolery Customers, We are closed this week observence of Porpoise Day, Please call Again".

[edit] Trivia

  • The owner must be the main fish from Chocolate With Nuts, Tom.
  • Why would it be closed for a whole week just for one day?
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