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The Sponge Gloss Container

Sponge Gloss was used by SpongeBob and only seen on the episode Picture Day. He put on Sponge Gloss to prevent him from being dirty. Sponge Gloss is like lip gloss, but is used on the body, it prevents filth from staining the person. It makes SpongeBob look shiny and new and is most likely only usable for sponges. Sponge Gloss was so shiny, it caused an accident on the road.

[edit] Looks

Sponge Gloss is a small, thin, pink cylinder-shaped bottle. It has a small non-shiny lid and the bottle is filled with SpongeGloss which is also pink yet translucent. But the applicator inside of it is larger than the container of Sponge Gloss.

[edit] Weaknesses

Sponge Gloss dissolves in water.

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