SpongeBob's Best Day Ever

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For the play of SpongeBob's Best Day ever click here.

[edit] SpongeBob's Best Day Ever

SpongeBob's Best Day Ever is a holiday planned by SpongeBob in the episode Best Day Ever. His To-Do list involves

1. Working at the Krusty Krab

2. Karate with Sandy

3. Jellyfishing with Patrick

4. And finally Squidward's Clarinet Concert.

[edit] Ruins

The Best Day Ever got ruined when the Krusty Krab gets an invasion of Nematodes and got shut down. Karate with Sandy got ruined when Sandy's Dome got a leak and she couldn't play Karate. Jellyfishing with Patrick got ruined when Patrick breaks his net and has to borrow SpongeBob's and SpongeBob didn't have anything to Jellyfish with. Finally, Squidward's Concert was ruined when his reed is broken and SpongeBob replaces it with his tooth and when the Usher wouldn't let him in without a ticket, but finds he's on the VIP list, but they get in right when the concert ends. But when SpongeBob sobs, his friends tell him that perfect days are about friends. They make it up by letting him reform his Best Day Ever song. After 3 hours, SpongeBob is still singing while his friends are sleeping and tired and the audience departed.

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