Oyster Stadium

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Oyster Stadium!

Oyster Stadium is an arena within the Bikini Bottom Zoo where the performing clam, Clamu is held. It is a rather large stadium, featured in the episodes The Smoking Peanut and The Great Snail Race. The Stadium can be seen from SpongeBob's house through his window. It also made a cameo in Not Normal.

[edit] Looks

[edit] Outside

The outside of the stadium has:

  • Green wood which forms the perimeter.
  • A large main gate surrounded by several smaller ones.
  • Ticket booths made out of hay that surround the stadium.
  • A pink shell which has "Oyster Stadium" written on it.
Oyster Stadium on the left

[edit] Inside

On the inside the stadium has:

  • Green seats to seat patrons.
  • Hallways from the gates which lead into the inside area.
  • Green stairs which lead to higher-level seating areas.
  • Blue metal ground which leads into Clamu's staging area.
  • A red rope that surrounds Clamu's holding area.
  • It has a seating capacity of 4,945.

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