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The Statue of SpongeBob

The National No SpongeBob Day is a big Holiday in Bikini Bottom. This holiday is the "day" that everyone in Bikini Bottom goes to a secret place and party while SpongeBob is left home. It is just seen in the episode Gone. Normally it lasts just one day, but in the episode it lasts about two weeks, because the inhabitants enjoyed having time without SpongeBob's annoyance.

[edit] Trivia

  • There is also a National No Patrick Day.
  • Until now it is just seen once.
  • National No SpongeBob Day happens a few weeks before National No Patrick Day.
  • On National No SpongeBob day they build a statue of SpongeBob, burn it and then dance on the ashes. This is likely a parody of the Burning Man festival, where participants build a wooden structure, and at the end, the structures are burnt.
  • National No SpongeBob Day is on April 28.

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