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Oh no!

The Mollusks are a animal featured in Pest of the West.

[edit] Looks

The Mollusks look like giant clams, but chase you instead of staying in their habitat.

[edit] Appearance

Patrick's Ancestor tried to warn Early Bikini Bottom that the Mollusks were coming, but they didn't believe him. The Mollusks went past Ye Olde Shoppe and some other people.

[edit] Trivia/Goofs

  • It is unknown if they are still in Bikini Bottom, or will ever return.
  • its name was a phythom of it because clams are mollusk, not chorodata,wile outher bikini bottomites are chordata.
  • Mollusks on this episode are clams while Mollusks are more of snail type creatures.
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