Free Balloon Day

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SpongeBob and Patrick with the "stolen" balloon

Free Balloon Day is a holiday that the Bikini Bottomites celebrate. This event is about fun, and Bikini Bottom residents get free balloons when they visit The Park. SpongeBob and Patrick are unaware it is Free Balloon Day and "borrow" a balloon when they didn't have enough money, (an euphemism Mr. Krabs used for stealing that he told SpongeBob and Patrick) SpongeBob and Patrick had planned on giving it back when they were done with it, but while playing with it, it popped. They couldn't return it, so they brought sacks of their belongings, and went out of Bikini Bottom, thinking they are criminals. When they had a dispute they went to a Bikini Bottom prison and turned each other in. They both were imprisoned for two seconds. The officer told them that the balloons were free, and released them.

[edit] Trivia

  • SpongeBob and Patrick thought that they stole a balloon on Free Balloon Day.
  • This event only happened in Life of Crime.
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