Episode Transcript: Rodeo Daze

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[The episode opens out at the island, submerging underwater]

Narrator: Ah, ze eternal expanse of the deep sea. [the camera pans right] Teeming with fantastic creatures...uh, teeming...I'm sure they are around here somewhere. [the narrator spots a rock] Aha!...oh, zat's a rock! Where is everybody? [the camera finally pans on SpongeBob, causing the narrator to scream] O-ho, it is just SpongeBob. [the camera immediately zooms out to reveal SpongeBob and Patrick staring at each other] Watch and witness one of the rarest and mysterious rituals of the deep...the staring contest.

[SpongeBob and Patrick stare at each other for a while, then SpongeBob's eyes start to water. After a while, he blinks]

SpongeBob: Patrick, wow! [the two get up]

Patrick: What?

SpongeBob: You are the best starer I've ever stared at!

Patrick: Ohhhhhhh, staring contest! I thought it was a blinking contest and I was losing. [a noise is heard]

SpongeBob: Hark, Patrick, do you hear something? [a bottle with a message falls on SpongeBob] Hmm...it's a letter for Sandy! All the way from Texas! We better deliver it!

[transition to Sandy's Treedome]

SpongeBob: Sandy! [SpongeBob attempts to open the door] Oh, it's not opening!

Patrick: Hey, SpongeBob, I have something that might help. [Patrick grabs a book from his pocket]

SpongeBob: "How to Open Things"...brilliant, Patrick! I saw the movie but I never read the book!

Patrick: [flipping the pages] OK...garbage cans. No. Jar. No. Box. No...Sandy's door! "Twist to the Left"!

SpongeBob: Ohhhhhhh...I was twisting to the right!

Patrick: A common mistake, my good friend! [Patrick puts the book back in his pocket] Allow me! [Patrick walks up to the door, twists his head left and right, and does some exercises] OK...time to open this- [Sandy bashes the door open with her foot]

Sandy: Tryin' to ninja sneak attack?! [Sandy kicks Patrick into the air, then hits SpongeBob, causing the letter in his head to pop out] Well, you're still no match for my squirrel fu! [Sandy notices the letter] It's a letter from my twin brother Randy! [Patrick lands on SpongeBob. The two enter into Sandy's helmet. Sandy notices the two] Do you mind? SpongeBob: Not at all, read on!

Patrick: Doesn't bother me.

Sandy: Get out of my suit! [SpongeBob and Patrick flush themselves out of Sandy's suit] Well, golly, Randy says the rodeo's come to town! I've gotta head back to Texas, and defend my championship title!

SpongeBob: Championship title? For what?

Sandy: You got cotton in your ears?

Patrick: [while checking the inside of SpongeBob's ears] Hmm...nah, it's not cotton, it's actually an old moldy piece of Krabby Patty [Patrick eats the moldy piece of Krabby Patty]

SpongeBob: Is your championship title for jellyfishing?

Sandy: No.

SpongeBob: Ka-ra-tah?! [SpongeBob karate-chops on Patrick's face]

Sandy: No!

SpongeBob: Perhaps the science fair then!

Sandy: No...its my rodeo championship on the line!

SpongeBob: Ro-de-o? What does ro-de-o mean?

Sandy: [in song] ♪Critters that ya gotta rangle...cowboy suits with purdy spangles! Boots with spurs that jingle-jangle, that's a rodeo!♪ ♪Tight blue jeans ya gotta squeeze in! But they sure look mighty pleasin'! Big belt buckles are always in season! That's a rodeo!♪

(Cows) Sandy: (♪Rodeo!♪) ♪Rodeo!♪ (♪Rodeo!♪) ♪Rodeo!♪ [both] ♪Yippee-ti-yay! Yippee-ti-yo!♪ (♪Rodeo!♪) ♪Rodeo!♪ (♪Rodeo!♪) ♪Rodeo!♪

[both] ♪Yippee-ti-yay! Yippee-ti-yo!♪

Sandy: ♪Ride that critter, don't be no quitter! Hold on tight, with all your might!♪ ♪Yeeeeeeee-haaaaaaa! That's a rodeo!♪ ♪Tractor pulls and big ol' bulls, lime dancin', horses prancin'! Barrel racin', bare-back ridin', bronco-bustin' aluminum sidin'! That's a rodeo!♪ blue jeans ya gotta squeeze in! But they sure look mighty pleasin'! Big belt buckles are always in season! That's a rodeo!♪

(Cows) Sandy: (♪Rodeo!♪) ♪Rodeo!♪ (♪Rodeo!♪) ♪Rodeo!♪ [both] ♪Yippee-ti-yay! Yippee-ti-yo!♪ (♪Rodeo!♪) ♪Rodeo!♪ (♪Rodeo!♪) ♪Rodeo!♪

[both] ♪Yippee-ti-yay! Yippee-ti-yo!♪

Sandy: 🎵And don't forget who makes us laugh when we're feeling down The happy slappy sunny funny good ol' rodeo clown🎵

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